Afforable, complete End-to-End Customized classroom based Placement preparation course


Aptitude Tests

  • 3-4 Full Day Classroom based 8 hour sessions totaling 24 hrs – 32 hrs.
  • 6 Online Tests of 1 hr duration with 50 Questions. Solution Answers provided at the end of the tests. Test Reports in MS-Excel Sheets, provided to the HOD and any other relevant authorities at the end of every test.
  • A handbook of Problems, Tips-Tricks, and Formulae’s will be provided for reference
  • Tips and Tricks to crack Aptitude Tests
  • Dos and Donts to help the students' get through

Technical Tests

  • Set of 8 Online Tests of 30 Questions each. Test Topic can be decided based on inputs from the institute.
Curriculum Vitae

CV Making

  • A common 2 hour session on Introduction to Curriculum Vitae and its importance.
  • Tips to create your CV
  • Online CV maker - A complete detailed 9 step, guided solution to help you create your CV and download it in the most professional template
Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

  • 16 PF assessment and Profile Report Generation
  • Standard Progressive Metrics
  • Rotter's IE Locus of Control
Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Test

  • Tests to asses the students' reactions and actions under various situations
Personality Workshop

Personality Workshops

  • Hands-on Workshops on Effective Communication
  • Hands-on Workshop on Presentation Skills
  • Role-play based Workshop on Leadership and Negotiation Skills
Technical Trainings

Hands-on and Practical Technical Trainings

  • Android
  • Python
  • AngularJS
Group Discussion

Group Discussion Preparation

  • A common 2 hour session on Introduction to Group Discussions, Expectations, Role plays, Tips and Tricks.
  • Group Discussion sessions with 8-10 students per group. - Every student gets to participate in atleast 2 Mock Group Discussions. Feedback to individual students provided at the end of the GD.
  • Handbook with tips to crack the GD
  • Videos of some real GDs with feedback for a revision of the learnings.
Personal Interview

Personal Interview Preparation

  • 2 hour General session on Personal Interviews
  • Individual Personal Interview Mock sessions. Minimum 1 Interview per student.
  • Handbook with Tips to perform well in Personal Interviews

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