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I was sitting around with my friend Dave, Marty and James recently. I happened to have two tickets to a new movie in my pocket that I had just purchased. I mentioned that there were two four-digit numbers on the tickets and that the sum of all 8 digits was 25. Dave asked if any digit appeared more out of the 8, which I answered. Then, Marty asked if the sum of the digits of either ticket was equal to 13, which I answered too. Much to my surprise James immediately told me what the two numbers were!
What were they?

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Week : 2018-08-03 to 2018-08-10

Puzzle :

How many people can read hex if only you and dead people can read hex?

Correct Solution : Base10(DEAD) = 57005 Myself = 1 So : 57005 + 1 = 57006

Solution Tips :

The trick is that the word "dead" represents a number in hexadecimal. That number in base 10, plus one to include yourself, is:
57005 + 1 = 57006.

1. Aswathi Nair

2. Srinivasa Reddy ; NSCI

3. Narayan Reddy G ; NSCI

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