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At what time immediately prior to Six o-clock the hands of the clock are exactly opposite to each other. Give the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds.

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Week : 2018-06-08 to 2018-06-15

Puzzle :

Silu and Meenu were walking on the road. Silu said, "I weigh 51 Kgs. How much do you weigh?" Meenu replied that she wouldnt reveal her weight directly as she is overweight. But she said, "I weigh 29 Kgs plus half of my weight." How much does Meenu weigh?

Correct Solution : 58 kgs

Solution Tips :

It is given that Meenu weighs 29 Kgs plus half of her own weight. It means that 29 Kgs is the other half. So she weighs 58 Kgs. Solving mathematically, lets assume that her weight is X Kgs. X = 29 + X/2 2*X = 58 + X X = 58 Kgs

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