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Make an impact in the Personal Interview

Congratulations, you have cleared earlier rounds and are just one step away from getting your dream job! This is the time you need to be extremely positive, the interview decides whether you make it or not. Don’t think about the results, just focus on giving your best!

Here are some tricks to help you perform your best in any interview:

Practice positive body language:

Even if the interviewer hasn't actively studied body language, he/she will still pick up general signs. Fidgeting, playing with your hair, looking here and there are all clear signs of tension and poor confidence.

Know your resume inside out:

You should know everything about your resume, as anything can be asked, your previous education, extra-curricular activities, awards, projects etc. You should be able to confidently speak about each point on your resume.

Maintaining eye contact:

Look at the person you are talking to. If you look at table or furniture, it would look like either you are not paying attention or trying to hide something. This gives a negative impression.

Don’t beat around the bush:

If you don’t know something, just say politely that you aren’t much aware about the thing asked to you. Beating around the bush is never a good idea.

Drive him towards your interests:

When asked about what your interest are, show him that you’re passionate about something and let the heart do the talking. If you’re passionate about something, it shows that you can do great if you’re given a task pertaining to the area of your interest.

Smiling face:

Last but not the least, smile. Nervousness is natural, but don’t let it reflect on your face. A smile denotes confidence in a candidate. Also, it denotes that the candidate has managed to feel comfortable with the interviewer.

The more you start feeling comfortable with the interview, better your answers would be and higher is your chance to make it!