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Hassles in Searching Jobs outside Campus

As soon as students enter their final year of education (of graduation or post graduation) they are faced with one of the biggest challenges of their lives - Placements!

Most of the last year of education is spent in either reminiscing the time spent with friends or preparing forplacements. Even though majority of the placements happen through campus only, there are those who have to try their luck outside either out of choice or forced. Off-campus placements are not unheard of and certainly not rare but they are definitely sparse comparatively. Many students don't attend their campus placements due to various reasons like health or family problems, not eligible for the placement process and sometimes because they are not satisfied with the companies coming to the campus for placements. Now-a-days, its relatively easier to go for off-campus interviews than it was earlier due to the availability of job portals like Monster, Naukri, Shine and CareerBuilder. These portals provide access to thousands of opportunities to the applicants in just a few clicks. This has been made further easier by the availability of employment-oriented social networking website LinkedIn that accesses ones profile and gives suggestions of job openings accordingly. With all these supporting technologies in place it might seem that life is easier while searching for jobs outside the campus, but unfortunately it is not as hassle free as it appears to be.

Here are a few difficultiesthat the students face while searching for jobs on their own.

  • Competition:
    The competition is high for off-campus placements as you are not just being compared with your batchmates like the way in on-campus placements, you are also compared to candidates from outside your institute. Thus you need to perform even better.
  • Brand name:
    Your institute has a brand that got created over the years and you are already a part of that brand in an on-Campus placement process. When you go for the off-campus placement you are on your own even though the institute name is listed on your resume. Hence, you need to prove yourself from scratch.
  • Negotiations:
    When a company comes on campus, the placement cell does all the negotiations for you, such as criteria for selection, process of short listing and the salary packages. You are somewhat deprived of this benefit, as you are appearing for the selection process as in individual in an off-campus process.
  • Rejection without repercussions:
    In an off-campus process, candidates might face rejections and even rescindment of offer letters from the companies. The companies can do so, irrespective of the performance of the candidate and according to their own convenience since no one is there to stand for the candidates in an off-campus process. On the other hand, if placed through campus, institutes can take action against such firms and demand for proper explanation.
  • Disadvantage:
    The candidate starts the off-campus process at a position of disadvantage from the beginning. Companies recognize the need of the candidate who is searching for a job outside campus and thus try to take advantage by low-balling the compensation or offering fewer benefits.
  • The wait:
    Candidates spend hours searching through online portals for jobs that match well with their profiles. It might take weeks if not months to get replies from companies and still there is no guarantee that the reply would be positive. The candidates have to be mentally strong to face rejections as well as be positive to apply for the next suitable job. They have to do this all alone, whereas in an on-campus placement process the institute keeps helping them with offers and opportunities.

All in all, at times students feel that the on-campus placement process of an institution is not good, and the companies coming to campus are not offering good salaries or strong profiles, but still it might turn out to be better than the off-campus process. Students who think their profiles are really strong enough to fetch them better offers and opportunities outside the campus, can go ahead and try their luck. But they need to accept that it is not a rosy world outside. And they would require to work hard there as well to get their dream jobs.